MATLAB: How to modify appearence of multiple plots

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Hi everyone
I have these commands for plotting 6 variables with its deviations standards respective.
x = linspace(0, 54, numel(T_A8_C));
X = [x;x;x;x;x;x].';
Y = [T_A8_C(:) T_C5_C(:) T_E1_C(:) T_A8_D(:) T_C5_D(:) T_E1_D(:)];
err=[T_desvA8_C(:) T_desvC5_C(:) T_desvE1_C(:) T_desvA8_D(:) T_desvC5_D(:) T_desvE1_D(:)];
title('Cell Temperature Plot')
xlabel('Time (Days)')
ylabel('Cell Temperature (°C)')
legend('A8 Clean','C5 Clean','E1 Clean','A8 Dirty','C5 Dirty','E1 Dirty');
And I want:
all variables with A8 red color, all variables with C5 blue color, all variables with E1 black color.
all variables with C with a line continuous (a little thicker than default) and all variables with D in segments (either dot-dot or dash-dot)
How can I do that with too many variables?
Thanks for your help!

Best Answer

  • Save the errorbar object returned handles and set properties as desired.