MATLAB: How to open a .psprj file directly from the command-line

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i am trying to implement a script wich performs all required steps to generate a .psprj file and finally starts the Polyspace GUI application so the user can immediately run the analysis and view the results. Therefore i would like to pass on the path to the .psprj to the polyspace.exe.
polyspace.exe <myfile>.psprj
Does not work as there is just a Java process and the polyspace process running in the background and consuming lots of CPU cycles but the GUI never appears.
Is this possible somehow?
thank you,

Best Answer

  • Hi Peter,
    The command should have worked. But can you try the following:
    polyspace.exe -cfg <myfile>.psprj
    An even better alternative might be to generate the launching script, so that the user has to just double-click a batch file in Windows to run (or use a Shell script in Linux). The official instructions are documented here.