MATLAB: How to open an image file using Matlab GUI


I have a map on my GUI for which I need to add a legend. So I have added a pushbutton for legend as I donot want to mess up the map with lots of information. what I want the 'legend pushbutton' to do when clicked, is to open the image file that contains my legend. I have already saved the image file, I just need the pushbutton feature to open that file, not in the GUI but the file itself. Any suggestion when be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Best Answer

  • Hi.
    If I well understand your question, I think using the "imread" and then the "imshow" functions could be helpful for you:
    These functions require the Image Processing Toolbox.
    Alternatively, you could use the "winopen" function, if you want to open the image in the Windows Explorer (not in Matlab):