MATLAB: How to provide access to users that are allowed to use the Campus-Wide License but do not have the correct attributes

A university is using a campus-wide license and would like temporary students to have access to MATLAB. The university's Shibboleth login does not provide the required attributes for those students. How can those students access the software?

Best Answer

  • To provide access to the MATLAB license, they can use one of the following options:
    1.    Configure Shibboleth to provide the correct eduPersonScopedAffiliation value (Faculty, Staff, Student or Employee) for the user(s).
    If they are looking for a guide on how to setup the requested attributes, follow the eduGAIN guidelines in the link below. Included is information on how to configure Attribute Resolvers and Attribute Filters, as well as how to test their IDP configuration for MathWorks:
    2.   A custom rule can be created in the AttributeDefinition to work with the MathWorks Shibboleth implementation.
    Learn more about custom rules here:
    3.   If 1 and 2 are not an option, a license administrator can activate for the user on the Individual section of the Campus-Wide License.