MATLAB: How to read multiple images from multiple folders and display them together

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Hi everyone,
I have 3 different folders, each folder includes 100 images (image-1 to image-100).
I want read image-1 (from folder 1), image-1 (from folder 2) and image-1 (from folder 3).
Finally, I want to display 3 images together in figure 1? (image-1 show together image-1, image-2 show together image-2…)
Thank you for your help.

Best Answer

  • selpath = uigetdir; % or selpath = '<your directory full path>';
    n_images = 100; % number of images
    for ii = 1:n_images
    file = strcat('image-', num2str(ii), '.bmp');
    img1 = imread(fullfile(selpath, 'Folder1', file));
    img2 = imread(fullfile(selpath, 'Folder2', file));
    img3 = imread(fullfile(selpath, 'Folder3', file));
    subplot(311), imshow(img1), title(strcat('from folder 1 ', file));
    subplot(312), imshow(img2), title(strcat('from folder 2 ', file));
    subplot(313), imshow(img3), title(strcat('from folder 3 ', file));