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Hello, I would like to ask you for help. I have to solve this problem. I have data (textfile) which are outlined bellow and I need to devide data into two cell array. Bold formated data into one cell array and other data into second one. Is it possible to use command textread or any similar command ?? Thank you for all the advice.
  • NM F2 2 620364 1.620040 36.366491 0 1 0
  • GC lead containing glass type
  • ED 8.200000000E+000 9.200000000E+000 3.599000000E+000 2.000000000E-004 0 0
  • CD 1.345333590E+000 9.977438710E-003 2.090731760E-001 4.704507670E-002 9.373571620E-001
  • TD 1.510000000E-006 1.560000000E-008 -2.780000000E-011 9.340000000E-007 1.040000000E-009
  • OD 1.60000 1.00000 0.00000 1.00000 2.30000 1.30000
  • LD 3.20000000E-001 2.50000000E+000
  • IT 3.20000E-001 0.00000E+000 2.50000E+001
  • IT 3.34000E-001 2.11000E-001 2.50000E+001
  • IT 3.50000E-001 7.80000E-001 2.50000E+001
  • IT 3.65000E-001 9.21000E-001 2.50000E+001
  • IT 3.70000E-001 9.40000E-001 2.50000E+001
  • IT 3.80000E-001 9.63000E-001 2.50000E+001
  • IT 3.90000E-001 9.77000E-001 2.50000E+001
  • IT 4.00000E-001 9.85000E-001 2.50000E+001
  • IT 4.05000E-001 9.87000E-001 2.50000E+001
  • IT 4.20000E-001 9.91000E-001 2.50000E+001
  • IT 4.36000E-001 9.93000E-001 2.50000E+001
  • IT 4.60000E-001 9.94000E-001 2.50000E+001

Best Answer

  • fid = fopen('file.txt');
    while ~feof(fid)
    res{end+1} =fgetl(fid);
    out1=cellfun(@(x) x(1:2),res,'un',0)'
    out2=cellfun(@(x) x(4:end),res,'un',0)'