MATLAB: How to remove invalid left hand side of assignment, invalid “=” usage might be invalid matlab syntax and invalid character(s) in the code? Because this is the final project so i need to submit this. Really need help please.the algorithm also attached.

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Seeking help. how to remove errors in code?
please help me to solve this. thanks in advance
Mobile device set: \mathcal {N}=\{1,2,\cdots,N\};
Transmission prower to MBS: \{p_{i}^{M}},i \in\mathcal{N};
Transmission prower to SBS: \{p_{i}^{S}},i \in\mathcal{N};
Computation tasks: T_{i}=\{d_{i},c_{i},t_{i}^{max}}, i\in\mathcal{N};
Categorized device sets: \mathcal{G}_{L}=\mathcal{G}_{O}=\mathcal{G}_{R}=\ emptyset;
for (i\in\mathcal{N})
t_{i}^{L}=c_{i}/f_{i}^{L}; %local time
e_{i}^{L}=c_{i}\delta_{i}^{L}; % local energy consumption
if (t_{i}^{L} > t_{i}^{max})
i\Rightarrow \mathcal{G}_{R};
elseif (t_{i}^{L} <= t_{i}^{max})
if (e_{i}^{L}< min\{p_{i}^{M}\left\lceil{n_{o}^{M}}\right \rceil ,p_{i}^{S}\left\lceil{n_{o}^{S}}}\right\rceil\ + c_{i}\delta^{R})
i\Rightarrow \mathcal {G}_{L};
i\Rightarrow \ mathcal {G}_{O};
  1. Error: File: first_algorithm1st.m Line: 6 Column:
Invalid use of operator.
2.Error: File: first_algorithm1st.m Line: 7 Column: 10
parse error at "=": usage might be invalid
3..Error: File: first_algorithm1st.m Line: 8 Column: 10
parse error at "=": usage might be invalid
4.line : 10,13,16 shows invalid character(s)

Best Answer

  • With a whole bunch of speculation as to what the notation means:
    Mobile_device_set = 1..N;
    Transmission_prower_to_MBS = p_(1:N, M):
    Transmission_prower_to_SBS = p_(1:N, S);
    for i = 1 : N
    Computation_tasks_T_{i} = {d_(i), c_(i), t_(i,max)};
    Categorized_device_sets_G_L = [];
    Categorized_device_sets_G_O = [];
    Categorized_device_sets_G_R = [];
    for i = 1 : N
    t_(i,L) = c_(i) ./ f_(i,L); %local time
    e_(i,L) = c_(i) .* delta_(i,L); % local energy consumption
    if t_(i,L) > t_(i,max)
    Categorized_device_sets_G_R = union(Categorized_device_sets_G_R, i);
    elseif t_(i,L) <= t_(i,max)
    if (e_(i,L) < min\{p_{i}^{M}\left\lceil{n_{o}^{M}}\right \rceil ,p_{i}^{S}\left\lceil{n_{o}^{S}}}\right\rceil\ + c_{i}\delta^{R}) %I could not figure out how to translate this line
    Categorized_device_sets_G_L = union(Categorized_device_sets_G_L, i);
    Categorized_device_sets_G_O = union(Categorized_device_sets_G_O, i);
    Parts of this make no sense. For example the only time i\Rightarrow \ mathcal {G}_{O}; can be encountered is if some variables are NaN, since NaN is the only case on the reals where (A>B) and (A<=B) can both be false.