MATLAB: How to return variables from table

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Hello, this question might seem little bit sily. Here is the thing I have table with data (5 columns), I want to return not only rows in which logical funcionts says 1 but and precending and next rows. Could someone tell me how to do that, thanks.

Best Answer

  • You could do something like this:
    (1) Identify the rows that match.
    idx1 = find(ismember(tableName.variableName,[1 2 3])); % Apply your logic here.
    (2) Get the neighboring rows
    idx2 = unique([idx1; idx1-1; idx1+1])
    (3) That step might get you row number zero, and a row beyond the size of the table, so trim those
    idx2 = max(1,idx2);
    idx2 = min(size(tableName,1),idx2);
    idx2 = unique(idx2); % Might have double-counted the first and last row, so get rid of those. (Could do this better)