MATLAB: How to run a code for several files also how to stop the code for a specific number of files and give output

I have following code:
X=A(:,1); Y=A(:,3);
figure( plot(X,Y)
I want to run this code for several files CurRunA, CurRunB, CurRunC….. How can I run this code automatically for all the files like these and plot the X,Y curve for all those data in a single plot with different colors?
I can rename those files for the sake of programing. Also, if I have 20 files and if I want to do this only up to 10 files, how can I stop the program till 10 and provide the output?

Best Answer

  • PATH = 'C:\myFilesAreHere\'; %remember the last \
    files=dir([PATH,'*.dat']) ; %get info about all files in PATH that ends with .dat
    fileNames={}; %extract only filenames, put them in a cell.
    %im not sure if the filenames are allredy sorted or not but to be sure:
    nFiles=numel(fileNames); %count number of files
    colorMap={'red','blue','green',... etc} % if your run out of colors use e.g ''
    for i=1:min(nFiles,10) %run for either 1:10 or 1:nFiles if nFiles<10.
    % your code
    figure;plot(X,Y,colorMap{i} );
    %%%%%%% END %%%%%
    This ok? =)