MATLAB: How to sample a signal after it goes through a communication channel

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I'm new to Matlab and need help sampling a linear time-variant filter channel.
The signal goes through a communication channel with attenuation and multipath fading modelled by , in which L is the number of paths, α is the attenuation in each path and n is noise added to the signal in the channel.
How can I sample that using , given that is the sampling frequency?

Best Answer

  • Assuming that the mathematical form of r(t) is known, the following code snippet will generate a sequence of sampled points from the signal at a sampling rate of Ts:
    t = t_start:Ts:(t_end-Ts); %t_start and t_end are the instances of beginning and ending of r(t) respectively.
    r_sampled = r(t);
    You can go through the following documentation for further help: