MATLAB: How to specify that dlmwrite write to a textfile with the name of an input

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For example, I want to write a text file to a directory using dlmwrite, and I want to name the text file as the inputted name. I have:
dlmwrite('/home/mydirectory/auxiliaryData',output, 'delimiter','\t','precision',10 );
and a couple of lines of code ago, I had:
auxiliaryData = input('Input Auxiliary Channel: ');
I don't want the name of the text file to be the name of the variable (auxiliaryData).

Best Answer

  • projectdir = '/home/mydirectory';
    dlmwrite( fullfile(projectdir, auxiliaryData),output, 'delimiter','\t','precision',10 );
    You might prefer using
    auxiliaryData = input('Input Auxiliary Channel: ', 's');
    ... I'm not really sure what data type you intend, or what file extension you intend.