MATLAB: How to start the Polyspace Daemon without a UI

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I am looking to use Polyspace Bug Finder and Code Prover and need to know how I can run the Polyspace Daemon on a machine without a UI.

Best Answer

  • It is possible to run the Polyspace Daemon without the Bug Finder or Code Prover UI on both Windows and Linux:
    On Windows, navigate to $MATLAB\R20XXx\polyspace\bin and run polyspaced.exe. This requires a command prompt running with Administrator permissions to start properly.
    On Linux, navigate to $MATLAB/R20XXx/polyspace/bin and run the polyspaced script without any parameters—you may need to run it as root. After running this script on Linux for the first time, you may receive an error that you need to create a user called "poly". You can create an account on your machine for this user or modify the polyspace.conf file located in /etc/Polyspace/ to use a different username.