MATLAB: How to subset a table and pass the variable names

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I'm trying to subset a large table to only get the rows that I'm interested in. Below is my code:
My table is named T
% unique list of variable A (Variable A is saved in the column of VAR_A):
VAR_A_unique = unique(T.VAR_A, 'rows');
Ind = T.VAR_A == VAR_A_unique(1);
T2 = T{Ind,:}
T2.Properties.VariableNames = TT.Properties.VariableNames;
My question is how do I assign the Properties variable names to T2? Why does my command (the last row) get the below error?
Unable to perform assignment because dot indexing is not supported for
variables of this type.
Instead of using
T2 = TT{Ind,:}
Is there a better way of subsetting my table?
Many thanks!

Best Answer

  • Instead of using T2 = T{Ind,:} (I believe TT{Ind,:} is typo and T{Ind,:} is correct), the following can extract the corresponding rows with keeping variable names.
    T2 = T(Ind,:);
    Another way to do this more efficiently would be utilizing output variable of unique function, like;
    [~,~,pt] = unique(T.VAR_A); % <- No need to use 'rows' option
    T2 = T(pt==1,:);