MATLAB: How to trace the matlab callbacks in stateflow GUI events

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I am trying to trace the matlab callback functions when creating new stateflow objects, creating new transitions, changing name of States etc.But I could find only solution for normal matlab GUI. Using below command I got the graphical handle of stateflow object: >>obj=sfgco; >>HG=findobj(obj); and using this graphical handle I could call DeleteFcn callback function. >>set(HG,'DeleteFcn','myCallback') when am deleting my object myCallback being called.But I have only three callback functions available.They are DeleteFcn,CreateFcn and ButtonDownFcn.How to find all callback functions are being called by Stateflow objects when creating,dragging,changing name?

Best Answer

  • Hi Jagpreet... I think you can listen the property change in the stateflow GUI objects like states,transition etc using handle.listener. >>handle.listener(Obj,'prop','PropertyPostSet',@mycallback) I hope this will work....