MATLAB: How to use DSP builder with Simulink to implement a MSK modulator on Altera FPGAs

HDL Coder

I have MSK modulator and demodulator blocks in my Simulink model. I wish to implement this model on my Altera hardware. I want to build MSK modulator and demodulator blocks from scratch using DSP Builder Library block sets so that the model can be implemented on the hardware.

Best Answer

  • One can follow the following two workflows while using DSP builder library to generate VHDL for Altera Hardware.
    1. Build the Simulink using HDL Coder supported blocks and generate VHDL or Verilog using HDL coder . The generated code can then by synthesized using Altera design tools.
    2. Use blocks from DSP builder library block sets in a Simulink Model File (.mdl) which are supported with Altera hardware.
    However, HDL coder does not support MSK modulator and demodulator blocks. Also, building these blocks from scratch would be challenging as we do not share the algorithms implemented in these blocks as they are proprietary.
    As a workaround, you can use M-PSK or BPSK modulator and demodulator blocks which are supported by HDL coder to generate VHDL which then can be implemented on Altera hardware using Altera design tools.
    A similar approach can be used to program Xilinx FPGAs as well (once HDL Coder generates code for it).