MATLAB: How to use .mat file as new variable

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I have saved some data from excell to matlab as a .mat file. Now I want to load and use them in matlab. For example, my data are saved in a file called 'DCS_data.mat' which includes 1996*2 data. I want to save the first column in a variable called T and the second column in a variable called heat. But I don't know how to do that. Could you pleae help me with this problem.

Best Answer

  • Another option:
    S = load('DCS_data.mat');
    C = struct2cell(S);
    T = C{1}(:,1);
    heat = C{1}(:,2);
    save('DCS_data(2).mat', 'T', 'heat');
    This assumes that the first (perhaps only) matrix in ‘DCS_data.mat’ is the one you want to work with. (It would help to have ‘DCS_data.mat’ to experiment with.) Name your new .mat file whatever you want. I called it ‘DCS_data(2).mat’.