MATLAB: How to use matlab to write data from a textfile and into an Excel sheet

excelexportimporttext file

My problem is that I got my data from laboratory testing in text files (.txt), and I can't copy them to an Excel sheet (3 columns and 5000+ rows). The text files got information like this:
Specimen identifier Test1 $
Time, Standard force, Standard travel
1.767510000000e+001,-4.922511577606e-001, 0.000000000000e+000
1.779509999732e+001,-4.709413945675e-001, 0.000000000000e+000
1.783509999642e+001,-4.614703953266e-001, 0.000000000000e+000
I am able to read the text file and plot it, but when I want to write it to Excel to have them in different columns, it gets harder to figure out how to do it. I got like 5000 rows, so to do it manually isn't an option 🙂
Anyone got an idea on how to extract it from the text file (.txt) and over to an Excel sheet, with the help of MATLAB?
Thankful for every answer I may get 🙂

Best Answer

  • Once you have the data in matlab, use xlswrite. If you have 3 cols and n rows, where n can change: