MATLAB: How to use scatteredInterpolant on given data

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Hi all.
I am not quite sure on how to use scatteredInterpolant. I tried reading up on it, but it doesn't make sense to me since I don't have a function v. All I have are points that I need plotted/interpolated. I attached a csv document with some sample data (not actual values, just place holders). Thanks for any help.

Best Answer

  • You appear to be wanting to do an 11-dimensional scattered interpolation. Unfortunately MATLAB does not have any scattered interpolation routines that work in more than 3 dimensions, but gridded interpolation can. In a previous discussion Kelly provided a means to convert a scattered vector to gridded information, but it can potentially take up a lot of memory.
    On the other hand, you indicate that you want to be able to plot this. There is no way you will be able to plot in 11 dimensions: there are not enough graphics attributes available for more than about 7 dimensions (not saying the plot would be easy to read for that many dimensions...)