MATLAB: How to write a matlab code for the below mentioned expression

MATLABseries summation

ne(a,b) = 0 for (a=b)
= 1 for (a not equal to b)
H(x) is the heavyside function
I have an 1D domain in x and is divided into no. of cells. and so on are the cell boundaries with i=1,2…….
is the representative point of the cell (here its the mid point of the cell)
Taking for example =5, how can I write the code in Matlab so that I get separate expressions for for i=1,2,3,4,5?

Best Answer

  • Hi Anomitra,
    For the variable 'ne' you could define it as a Np x Np with diagonal elements as 0 and non diagonal elements as 1
    ne= ne=ones(Np)-diag(ones(1,Np));
    For H(x) you could you the function 'heaviside'
    Also to define B(i) you could use the for loop
    for i=1:Np
    for j=1:Np
    for k=1:j