MATLAB: How to write numerical data in rows in a text file

readtext file

Hi Team
I am trying to make a text file and store few vector variables in it.
a = [1:10]
b = [200:2010]
c= [30:40]
all equal length variables
save ('xyz.txt','a','b','c')
when i do
type xyz.txt
the command window shows me gibberish. All alpha numeric characters and nothing makes sense. How can i store values in text file and read my file for contents without downloading it into an array or any other variable?

Best Answer

  • I would suggest you to use file opening, writing it and closing it as it is more organised and easily understandable.
    fid = fopen('xyz.txt','w');
    fprintf(fid, '%s\n',num2str(a),num2str(b),num2str(c));