MATLAB: Hydraulic Pressure Sensor making flow rate zero (0) in SimHydraulics. What is the workaround

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I am modeling a simple hydraulic system using SimHydraulics. I have added:
1. Variable displacement pressure compensated pump
2. Reservoir
3. Check valve
4. Gas charged accumulator
The pressure line from pump is supplied to an actuator through a valve.
I want to get flow rate and pressure in the system. Flow rate sensor is working as expected but when I add the pressure sensor from SimHydraulics, flow rate in the line becomes zero (0). On adding pressure sensor at other location in the system, the graph from the first pressure sensor changes!
Why does this happen and what's the workaround this problem?

Best Answer

  • This may be caused by putting the pressure sensor in series with your hydraulic component. If you connect a line to A it will not go on through B. The sensor reads the differential between the two. If you want the pressure drop across a component, connect port A before the component and B after the component. If you would like the pressure relative to tank, connect port A in the desired location and then connect port B to the reservoir.