MATLAB: I am not able to run the ECG pr-processing stage. This ECG is downloaded from physionet.

undefined function

%% clc clear all close all warning off all
%% Reading input fname=0; [fname,pname] = uigetfile('*.dat','Load standard format file'); if fname~=0 %if canceled load filename=strcat(pname,fname); data=rdsign212(filename, 2 ,250, 1800000); else errordlg('select a file','ERROR'); Main end [r c]=size(data);
error shows like below Undefined function 'rdsign212' for input arguments of type 'char'.
Error in mAIN (line 12) data=rdsign212(filename, 2 ,250, 1800000);

Best Answer

  • You evidently don't have rdsign212() in your m-file, and don't have any rdsign212.m file anywhere on your search path. Search your whole hard drive to locate a rdsign212.m file. Then either move it into a folder on your path or the current folder, or add that folder to your path. If you can't find it, ask the author/publisher of your software to supply the missing function.