MATLAB: I can’t get dicomdict to work

dicomdictImage Processing Toolbox

I am trying to use dicomdict to load the DICOM data dictionary. However, none of the syntaxes listed inthe documentation seem to work. For example, the following is legitimate syntax in the documentation:
dictionary = 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014b\toolbox\images\iptformats\dicom-dict.mat';
dictionary = dicomdict('set', dictionary);
However, it generates the following error: "Undefined function 'dicomdict' for input arguments of type 'char'"
My first question is: why am I getting this error. My second question is: how do you use dicomdict to load the default Matlab DICOM dictionary into an object?

Best Answer

  • Dan - dicomdict is part of the Image Processing Toolbox. To see if you have this toolbox, in the Command Window type
    which will return your version of MATLAB and all installed toolboxes. If you don't have the Image Processing Toolbox, then you will need to purchase it. If you do have the toolbox, then type the following in the Command Window
    which dicomdict -all
    which will return the path to the file if it exists within the MATLAB search path. I don't have this toolbox so observe
    'dicomdict' not found.