MATLAB: I have a function that should work but doesn’t

undefined function or variable

i'm comparing two arrays and choosing the repeated numbers
and then rearranging the new output in descending order
Y1 = [0.0581 0.0424 0.0315 0.0239 0.0184 0.0143 0.0113 0.0090 0.0073 0.0059]
Z1 = [0.0090 0.0073 0.0059]
X = intersect(Z1, Y1)
Ratio = reshape(sort(X(:), 'descend'), [columns, rows])';
this is the result i get, i don't understand why
Undefined function or variable 'columns'.
Ratio = reshape(sort(X(:), 'descend'), [columns, rows])';

Best Answer

  • Matlab doesn't know what "columns" means (nor "rows"). My guess is that 'columns' and 'rows' are the number of columns and rows of your reshaped data. Do you know what those values are supposed to be?
    In your example data, X is a [1x3] vector. One example would be the following
    Ratio = reshape(sort(X(:), 'descend'), [3, 1])';
    which is the same as
    Ratio = fliplr(sort(X));