MATLAB: I have been trying to read multiple ASCII files which have file names (23318.asc to 25897.asc). I doesn’t seem working. This is what I have so far.

read multiple data ascii files

a= 23318:25897
for k= 1:length(a)
i= 23317+k;
ascFilename = ['3841' num2str(i) '.asc']
content = fscanf ('ascFilename') ;
formatSpec = ['%f%f%*f%f%*f%f', repmat('%*f', 1, 73), '%f%*[^\n]'] ;
data = textscan( content, formatSpec, 'HeaderLines', 12 ) ;
A = data{1};
B= data{2};
C = data{5};
C(C < 0) = NaN; %set negative numbers to 'empty'
scatter(C,A); %plot first set of data
hold on;
title('Altitude vs Temperature');

Best Answer

  • You are not using textscan correctly.
    First, you have to use fopen to open the file and create a fileID:
    fidin = fopen(ascFilename, 'r'); % Open file for reading
    NOTE that because ascFilename has already been created as a string variable, you do not need quotes around it in the fopen statement.
    Delete the first line calling textscan. (The line creating content.) It is unnecessary in your code. It’s also wrong and won’t work anyway. It will simply throw an error and stop your code.
    Then to read the file, these statements need to be in this order:
    formatSpec = ['%f%f%*f%f%*f%f', repmat('%*f', 1, 73), '%f%*[^\n]'] ;
    data = textscan( fidin, formatSpec, 'HeaderLines', 12 ) ;
    I can’t be certain that this will work because I don’t have you data file to check it with, but it should get you started. If you wrote your formatSpec line correctly, everything you want should be in your data variable