MATLAB: I want to create two different matrices from a single matrix.

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suppose I have a column matrix
u = [2.2717e-33; -5.4589e-33; 5.2283e-33; -2.4541e-32; 4.7101e-12; -8.2867e-12; 1.2316e-12; -2.42e-11; 5.4588e-33; -6.9569e-11; -1.7921e-11; -7.563e-12; -1.8645e-11; -2.7506e-11; -1.2959e-32; -5.452e-11]; I want to create two matrices one for even numbers of rows and other for odd numbers of rows. How to do it?? Please help thanks.

Best Answer

  • It's simple indexing:
    oddu = u(1:2:end)
    evenu = u(2:2:end)
    A more generic solution that gives you odd and even rows for matrices as well as vectors:
    oddrows = m(1:2:end, :);
    evenrows = m(2:2:end, :);