MATLAB: Image processing,SIFT and cell array

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good morning!i am new here and my english aren't so well so forgive me for my mistakes. i am doing image processing using SIFT.i have all descriptors of all images in one matrix, but i want to separate him.i want to have the form:one picture has all of her descriptors in cell array.. my problem is that i have all my descriptors in one matrix and i dont know how to distinguish where one's picture descriptors end and where the next's one descriptors there something that i can do for this cause i have 3000 images and it's difficult to do this without a little programm or a mandate.thank you!

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  • I don't understand. If you put all of your descriptions for image 1 in element 1 of cell array, and all of your descriptions for image 2 in element 2 of cell array, and so on, then how can you be getting confused over where each image's descriptors are stored? The nth image's descriptors will be stored in the nth cell of your cell array.
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