MATLAB: Import entire row instead of range from excel

entire rowimporting excel data

Is there a way to import an entire row from excel in matlab?
So instead of:
[file] = xlsread(filename, 'Scans', 'A2:M2')
I want something like:
[file] = xlsread(filename, 'Scans', '2')
However, this of course doesn't work..
I can't use a range since the length of the row is unknown. (Of course it is not really unknown, but I want to analyze multiple excel data and not having to change the range every time).
Another important thing is: all rows have different sizes in my excel document, so using size(file) also doesn't work.
I hope someone can help me, thanks!

Best Answer

  • T = readtable(file) ; % suggested
    data = xlsread(file) ;