MATLAB: Increase the size of a weibull plot


I have a weibull plot overlaid on the data of a bar graph. The peak of the weibul is at .8 and I want to increase that to like 8 so that you can see the distribution better with the other data that has a peak of like 12, as I dont care about the values associated with the weibull plot just want the "look" of the curve. How would I do this? Here is the code
paramEsts=wblfit(DR1) xgrid = linspace(Minimum,10,100); pdfEst = wblpdf(xgrid,paramEsts(1),paramEsts(2)); line(xgrid,pdfEst,'color',[1 0 0], 'LineWidth',4)
and I used bar(numbers,scoresprct) for the graph, I didn't like how plotting a histogram screwed up the data with the bins. This is what I have so far.
I just want to incrase the size so you can see the distribution better.

Best Answer

  • To scale pdfEst to visually fit with the bar plot, I suggest:
    pdfEst = pdfEst * max(scoresprct)/max(pdfEst);
    That seemed to work reasonably well in my simulation.