MATLAB: Interpreting rule base created from subtractive clustering


Hello all, I am currently working with ANFIS from the command line. I created a FIS structure using genfis2 (which uses subtractive clustering to partition the training set). At the end I have 13 clusters but I am having trouble interpreting the rule base, which is something like following:
1. If (in1 is in1cluster1) and (in2 is in2cluster1) and (in3 is in3cluster1) and (in4 is in4cluster1) and (in5 is in5cluster1) and (in6 is in6cluster1) and (in7 is in7cluster1) then (out1 is out1cluster1) (1)
2. If (in1 is in1cluster2) and (in2 is in2cluster2) and (in3 is in3cluster2) and (in4 is in4cluster2) and (in5 is in5cluster2) and (in6 is in6cluster2) and (in7 is in7cluster2) then (out1 is out1cluster2) (1)
. . .
13. If (in1 is in1cluster13) and (in2 is in2cluster13) and (in3 is in3cluster13) and (in4 is in4cluster13) and (in5 is in5cluster13) and (in6 is in6cluster13) and (in7 is in7cluster13) then (out1 is out1cluster13) (1)
Also, my training set contains 7 features meaning I have 7 columns for XIN. My targets are 1,2, and 3 for XOUT. Thank you.

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  • Ok, just figured out the answer after some digging. w00tw00t