MATLAB: Intquad function woes….


I wrote this (homework) function that creates a large matrix from the sub-matrices (0), (1), (2) and (3) so that it will be in this form: (0) has all its element "0" etc.
(0) (1)
(3) (2)
function [M] = intquad(m,n)
a = zeros(m,n);
b = ones(m,n);
c = b*2;
d = b*3;
M = [a b ; d c];
I went through each line in the command window and it worked flawlessly. I RAN x=intquad(m,n) with many combinations of (m,n) and got the expected outputs.
BUT, when I tested this function via HW4.p (yes, the Coursera brand) it tells me the function is incorrect and that
"Feedback: Your function made an error for argument(s) 2, 3 "
My questions are:
1. If the function is flawed, where lies the culprit?
2. What is meant by "argument(s) 2, 3" ?
My apologies, it is my 1st/ posting here, and the Preview window does not make much sense.

Best Answer

  • "the elements in the bottom left are 2s, and the elements in the bottom right are 3s."
    You have these two blocks switched from the instructions in your assignment. Your code puts the block of 3's in the bottom left and the block of 2's in the bottom right.