MATLAB: Is it possible for MATLAB to read a thermal temperature scale in a thermal image? And to output the temperature at a selected area

data tipirtemperature scalethermalthermal image

I am doing a project that requires me to use MATLAB to monitor the temperature of an object in various screenshots. Currently I do not have any actual images for me to work with, so for now I have to use generic thermal images for me testing.
I am relatively new to MATLAB, so I am not too sure which function can I use for this purpose. Attached are 2 pictures that I am intending to use to test my program once I get it to work. One is using a grayscale temperature scale, the other is in false colour as I do not know exactly what type of image will I be required to work with yet.
I will appreciate any help that I can get. Thanks in advance!
Update: I found a way to use data tip to get the RGB values of a selected point. However I am unable to find the RGB values when I export cursor data to workspace. Any ideas on that?

Best Answer

  • In your case you have the colorbar that you could extract in order to determine the relationship between temperature and color.