MATLAB: Is it possible to add support for DAQ devices (using an SDK / Custom Adaptor) in Data Acquisition Toolbox Session Interface

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My DAQ device is manufactured by a vendor which is not currently supported by the session interface in Data Acquisition Toolbox.
Is it possible to add support for DAQ devices from this vendor using an SDK or a custom adaptor?

Best Answer

  • There are several adaptors for popular vendors available in the toolbox and hardware support package add-ons such as National Instruments, Measurement Computing, Digilent Analog Discovery, which are listed on the hardware support page:
    It is a good idea to directly contact the unsupported device manufacturer to request a custom adaptor for Data Acquisition Toolbox.
    As of MATLAB R2018a it is possible to extend the hardware support to DAQ devices from other vendors, by creating a custom adaptor using the DAQ SDK.