MATLAB: Is it possible to apply a single function to all images of an imageset

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Apologies if this is basic stuff – i'm new to matlab.
I have an imageset containing over 100 images, that are all time-dependent images of the same object – ie. the same object was filmed over a time period and i have split up the frames as individual images.
Would it be possible therefore to apply a function (say im2bw) to all of them?
I have a for loop:
z = imageset(uigetdir(*))
uC = *.Count
for i = 1:uC
pic = read(z,i);
bw = im2bw(pic);
My understanding is that that the algorithm itirates through the im2bw function for the duration of the length of the imageset. The code does work in that it converts images to bw; however, i am having problems recompiling the imageset at the end of the loop, and thus I get only one single image called bw, as opposed to the desired imageset.
Can you help?

Best Answer

  • Three code samples are shown in the FAQ: FAQ#How_can_I_process_a_sequence_of_files