MATLAB: Is it possible to AUTOmatically assign a title right next to each curve in a multiple plot figure


Hi All
I have to plot in a for loop some lines that their initiation point start from different point like :
x= [0:1:10]
for b= 1 : 10
y= ax+b
plot (x,y)
I want to write beside each line to which b they belong , in practice in my own problem , the lines depend on another parameter that is not in the equation

Best Answer

  • doc text
    allows you to put text on axes. You have to position it yourself, but that should be easy enough since it will be relative to one of the points on your plot with a slight shift to put it next to the curve rather than on it.
    I don't think I've ever used it myself, but that help page gives an example of usage. It also allows you to use various maths symbols and formatting.