MATLAB: Is it possible to call a matlab generated shared library multiple times in a program

shared library

When I use the recommended method
mclRunMain((mclMainFcnType)run_main, 0, NULL);
it always exits the program immediately. So how can i set this up to call the shared library function several times without exiting?

Best Answer

  • It is my understanding that you would like to call MATLAB generated C/C++ shared library function multiple times in your program. You can call the library function multiple times in the same run_main() function. However, you cannot call run_main() multiple times when using Cocoa on the Macintosh, because when the function pointed to by run_main() returns, the MATLAB Runtime calls exit before the return value can be received by the application, due to the inability of the underlying code to get control when Cocoa is shut down. Refer this example for calling a shared library here