MATLAB: Is it possible to control a NI USB6009 from 64-bit Matlab 2014b in Mac OS X Yosemite


I am trying to use a National Instruments USB DAQ board (NI USB6009) on my Mac (OS X, ver 10.10.2). Is this possible? What do i need to install? Specifically, if this requires NI-DAQmx, which version? Matlab does not offer a Data Acquisition toolbox for 64-bit Matlab – which makes me wonder if this is possible at all. Has anybody done this?

Best Answer

  • Hi Bart
    Data Acquisition Toolbox is not supported on Mac OS. Refer to the System Requirements. As mentioned in the link, NI instruments are supported on Windows 64 bit and 32 bit versions. Also, Data Acquisition Toolbox supports NI -USB6009. You can find the list of hardware supported by Data Acquisition Toolbox at the following links
    In order to use an NI USB6009 device with Data Acquisition Toolbox, you need to install hardware support package 'NI-DAQmx' by clicking Add-Ons->Get Hardware Support Packages in the MATLAB Toolstrip