MATLAB: Is it possible to filter out some rows in a table using appdesigner callbacks


This is the layout of the program I wish to build. The data in the table is imported from an excel file by clicking the button "Import data from database" .
Next, I will input the maximum and minimum values acceptable for each properties (para 2, 3 and 4)
The next step that I want this program to do is that when I click the button "Screen", the table will filter out the rows that do not satisfy the requirements of maximum and minimum value stated in the previous step, and so the table is only left with those rows that satisfy the requirements of max and min value stated above.
For example, if I set the max and min value for para2 to be 30 and 70, after pressing the 'screen' button, the table will be left with only row b,e,g and row j.
Can this be done?
Thank you very much.

Best Answer

  • Hi Guan,
    Check out tutorial 18 on my channel (Link Below). This should give you some ideas on how to move forward!
    Benito Sebastian