MATLAB: Is it possible to read a file line by line and then break each line into individual characters/numbers for further processing


If I have a file with the folliwing contents:
a file.dat
n pqr 3 2
1 -3 0
2 3 -1 0
Then is it possible to extract the numbers like 3 and 2 when I read the first line? Also, breaking the string in the set of numbers that are separated by spaces except for the pqr. The lines with numbers will be terminated always by '0'. So I would need to get the following result
k = 3
m = 2
j1 = [1 -3]
j2 = [2 3 -1] as the matrix.
Rest all characters are not needed to be read.

Best Answer

  • If the txt file follow the same format then try the following code
    data = strsplit(fileread('data.txt'), newline);
    mn = textscan(data{3}, '%s %s %f %f');
    m = mn{3};
    n = mn{4};
    j1 = sscanf(data{4}, '%f');
    j1(end) = [];
    j2 = sscanf(data{5}, '%f');
    j2(end) = [];
    data.txt is attached.