MATLAB: Is MathWorks completely shut down on the weekends? Non-technical question


Hi everybody,
I tried to purchase the student version of MatLab last night, and though it seems part of the process has gone through, I am still not able to download the software. The order has not posted to my bank account and I have not received a confirmation email, but I do have an order number and receipt here on the "My Account" part of this website.
I know that customer support isn't open on the weekends, but in reality I don't know if there is any human verification that actually needs to happen aside from confirming student status, which can happen within 30 days of purchase. I really wanted to have this by today so I could get some work done, the semester has just begun.
Is MathWorks known to be totally dormant on the weekends? I thought I could at least get it downloaded and then finish up the registration come Monday.
Thanks for the help, Scott

Best Answer

  • It appears to me, based upon my experience, that Mathworks does not undertake automatic credit-card processing. I suspect that staff enter the details onto a credit-card terminal manually.