MATLAB: Is MATLAB supported on Apple Silicon Macs

Macs with an Apple silicon processor such as the Apple M1 have two ways to run applications. Applications built for Apple silicon run natively, while apps built for Intel processors run in the Rosetta 2 environment. Which method does MATLAB support? 

Best Answer

  • Rosetta 2 
    An update for MATLAB R2020b to be released in December 2020 will provide support for running MATLAB in Rosetta 2. Earlier releases of MATLAB may run, but are not fully tested and supported on Apple silicon.
    There are two products which are available on Intel-based Macs but are not compatible with the Rosetta 2 environment: Polyspace and Simulink Desktop Real-Time. 
    Native Apple Silicon 
    A version of MATLAB which runs natively on Apple silicon is in development. This answer will be updated with more information as development progresses.