MATLAB: Is the Network License Manager available for 32-bit Linux machines


I would like to install or update the Network License Manager on a 32-bit Linux installation.

Best Answer

  • The last release of MATLAB (and the Network License Manager) supported on the 32-bit Linux platform was R2012a. As a result, although you can use R2012a or earlier, versions of the License Manager created for R2012b or newer will not be usable on a  32-bit Linux Operating System.
    If you would like to install a newer version of the Network License Manager, you will need to update accordingly.
    The system requirements for the latest release of MATLAB (and the License Manager) can be located here:
    Linux System Requirements – Current Release
    It's also important to note that the version of the License Manager you are running will directly correlate to the version of MATLAB available on your license.  For example, in order to run MATLAB R2013b you will need to be running the R2013b License Manager (or newer). An older License Manager will likely not work with the latest version of your license file.