MATLAB: Is there a clever way to extract piece of x axis of the plot from a script and put it to another plot in another script


Hi I want to compare two solution's plots. Each are calcuated separate scripts.
Can I extract a piece of x axis of one solution and locate to another plot in another script?
I have
  • p1 plot whose x_axis( from 0 to 1) in script A
  • p2 plot x_axis( from 0 to 1) in the script B
Can I extract the p1 whose x_axis (from 0 to 0.1) and put it to the same plot as p2 in script B? Is there any shortcut? Thanks

Best Answer

  • well to do it programmatically you can do it through something like this using copyobj():
    x1 = [0 1];
    y1 = [0 1];
    x2 = [0 2];
    y2 = [0 5];
    ax1 = get(hfig(1),'children');
    ax2 = get(hfig(2),'children');
    ax1plot = get(ax1(1),'children');
    otherwise you can do it manually by using the plottools
    1. click on "Show Plot Tools and Dock Figure" in both figures
    2. click on one of the plot lines and copy [CTRL+C] or use drop down menu edit copy
    3. Paste or use [CTRL+V] in the other plot
    4. Then using the plot tools change the line properties to your liking