MATLAB: Is there a solution to use “circcirc” with continuous variable as radius

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Hello, I am trying to implement trilateration algorithm and I am using "circcirc" command to find intersections of the circles.
My problem is: I need to find intersections of circles, which changes their radius every step but they have the same centers. Is it possible without re-writing the command or with another command?
This is my code:
radii1=[1; 3; 4];
radii2=[2.5; 3; 2.3];
radii3=[3; 1; 5];
[x_intersection1_2,y_intersection1_2] = circcirc(Center1(:,1),Center1(:,2),radii1,Center2(:,1),Center2(:,2),radii2);
[x_intersection1_3,y_intersection1_3] = circcirc(Center1(:,1),Center1(:,2),radii1,Center3(:,1),Center3(:,2),radii3);
[x_intersection2_3,y_intersection2_3] = circcirc(Center2(:,1),Center2(:,2),radii2,Center3(:,1),Center3(:,2),radii3);

Best Answer

  • Hi Miro,
    You may want to use for or while loops. Please find description here. The exact code would vary depending on which radius you want to change at what time.