MATLAB: Issue with fprint() on a (2*3) matrix


I am currently looking for advice to understand the cause the following fprint() matter, to the extent that matrix A is set up correctly:
A=[norm_1d WHS_1d STABLE_1d;normES_1d WHS_ES1d STABLE_ES1d];
fprintf('norm\t whs\t stbl\n');
fprintf('%12.8f %12.8f %12.8f\n',A);
output =[0.0203 0.0233 0.0242 ; 0.0340 0.0301 0.0702]
expected_output=[0.0203 0.0242 0.0301 ; 0.0233 0.0340 0.0702]
2/ To increase readability on my screen is there a way of adding a descriptive empty column with 2 strings 'va' && 'es' such as:
norm whs stbl
va 0.0203 0.0242 0.0301
es 0.0233 0.0340 0.0702
Thanks and regards

Best Answer

  • 1) A is being printed in the order the elements are in memory. Since the elements are being stored by columns, the order in memory is A(1,1), A(2,1), A(1,2), A(2,2), A(1,3), A(2,3) and that is the order the elements are printed. To get the printing to be by rows instead, just print A' instead of A.
    2) If this is fixed text, you could just add this to the format.
    fprintf('va %12.8f %12.8f %12.8f\nes %12.8f %12.8f %12.8f\n',A');