MATLAB: Joining of 2 matricces

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hellow everyone . i have 2 following matricces .Say A =['dog' ;'cat' ; 'cow'] . B= [1;2;3] . now i want to get a matrix C such that C=['dog' 1;'cat' 2;'cow' 3]. please help me out.

Best Answer

  • It's not possible. A is a matrix of char, B is a matrix of doubles. All elements of a matrix must be of the same type.
    What you can do is put them into a cell array, but the syntax for accessing elements is different:
    C = [num2cell(A, 2) num2cell(B)]
    %access elements of C:
    cat = C{2, 1};
    three = C{3, 2};
    If A and B were of the same type and size (A=[4;5;6], B=[1;2;3]), you could just concatenate them
    C = [A B];