MATLAB: K-means image processing color scales

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I've recently had a problem with the coloring of the data clusters in K-means image processing. I'm trying to process multiple images to sort color gradients in the image into three distinct clusters, but each time I run K-means I get different colors representing each cluster. Is there any way to control this? I'm using the basic K-means image processing that's on this site.
I = imread('north_sm_gray.bmp');
title('north sm')
[L,Centers] = imsegkmeans([I],3);
B = labeloverlay(I,L);
title('north sm processed')

Best Answer

  • Refer to the Colormap Name-Value Pair Argument of the function labeloverlay.
    colorMap = [1 0 0; 0 0 1; 0 1 0];
    B = labeloverlay(I,L,'Colormap',colorMap);