MATLAB: Making a 3 Variable Function Into a 1 Variable Function


I have created the following simple function of the variable x,a, and b
f = 2*x – a – b.
What I want to do is set a and b equal to some constant values, for example a = b = 1. Now that I have set a and b equal to constants, my question is, how do I make this into a new function with just the variable x? For a = b = 1 , the new function should be 2*x – 2 . I want to do this so that I can use fzero to solve this new function numerically for x. Any help would be much appreciated.

Best Answer

  • Hi,
    have a look at the documentation. So basically
    function f=my_fun(x,a,b)
    f = 2*x - a - b;
    Then you do:
    f=@(x) my_fun(x,1,1)
    And you call it with f(2) for example.
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