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i have a mat file which has 5 cells.Each cell has 16 rows. i want them to write it into csv files where each column of csv contains each cell value i.e total 16*5 for csv files. I have tried csvwrite function but i got the error:
Undefined function 'real' for input arguments of type 'struct'.
Error in dlmwrite (line 189)
str = sprintf('%.*g%+.*gi',precn,real(m(i,j)),precn,imag(m(i,j)));
Error in csvwrite (line 42)
dlmwrite(filename, m, ',', r, c);
Attaching my mat file.

Best Answer

  • Well, your lbp cell array has a vector in each cell! Anyway, I'd prefer to create a table and then use writetable function like the following.
    C = [Entropy feature lbp Mean name];
    T = cell2table(C(2:end,:),'v',C(1,:));