MATLAB: Matlab c++ shared libaries without run time

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I would like to deploy the watershed function to be used in a C++ application. Of course I would like to have it as less dependent as possible on other components. As I have read, the solution is to use the compiler, however requiring an interpreter run time to run on the target machine.
Is there any solution to package it Without the use of any environment, just any number of C++ libraries. I tried to figure it out by myself from webinars but I would not like to invest more time if this is not possible.
I would appreciate your thoughts. Best, ion

Best Answer

  • There is the MATLAB Coder, which can generate ANSI C code, provided the MATLAB source is written under a number of constraints.
    I would tend to doubt that the Mathworks-provided Watershed algorithm has been written for compatibility with MATLAB Coder, but I do not have experience with that.